VPK Peterson invests in HP and Elitron solutions to increase production of POS displays and short run packaging in Norway

During Summer 2017 two digital cutting solutions Kombo TAV have been installed at VPK Sarpsborg facility. With the help of a full digital production workflow VPK's production capacity has almost doubled.

VPK acquired Peterson in 2016. An extensive investment plan was rolled out and today, it is co-owned by VPK and Klingele. With six facilities in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, it continues to be run as an empowered business unit under the Peterson name. Thanks to this shared ownership between VPK and Klingele, Peterson has a solid position in the European alliance Blue Box Partners.

Display & Short Run

As well as being a leader in the production of packaging in the territory, Peterson also has a keen eye on the POS display market. Peterson’s Display plant in Sarpsborg, Norway, has recently been the focus of significant investment, having installed an HP Scitex 15500 Industrial Press and two Elitron plotters. These are the ideal pieces of equipment for production of both displays and smaller production runs for corrugated packaging. The digital printer and plotters allows for a significant increase in the in-house capacity to produce high-class displays and packaging with fast turnaround.

Leading Technology

At the beginning of last summer, the Sarpsborg plant installed two new Elitron Kombo TAV-R plotters, a totally automatic die-less cutting system for packaging and displays with a working area up to 3200 x 1600mm. Both lines come with the latest technology to increase overall performance. “Thanks to dual cutting heads instead of one, output capacity almost doubles compared to traditional plotting tables,” says Tom-Willy Olsen, Factory Manager at Sarpsborg. “A fully integrated loading system with elevating platform reduces loading times. Furthermore, the ‘Airopanel’ take off system is fully automated and patented Seeker System’ software is used for the reading and recognition of the reference marks. The Elitron solution reads from the underside, which is important for us as we tend to cut and crease with the printed side facing downwards.” The Sarpsborg POS specialist currently employs 35 people. Of that number, three are in sales, three in customer services, five in design and the rest in production. The displays being produced serve a wide range of customers in Scandinavia, with about 90 per cent of production being supplied in Norway.

Faster production

The new plotters were installed in line with the recently installed HP Scitex 15500 Industrial press to combine excellent plotting and printing results. Previously, they had been using traditional die-cutters, but the lead time for cutting dies meant long turnaround times, which was not ideal. “We have a lot of customers who need urgent deliveries of POS solutions based on local events or regional campaigns and having long lead times due to slow die supply was starting to cause us issues,” explains Olsen. “We decided to look at how to speed up the process and came to the conclusion that digital cutting was the only way we could speed up the supply.” He continues, “Having in-house plotting and digital printing capacity offers real added value for our customers. It is the ideal equipment to create new packaging or display innovations and allows the customer to experience and assess a live version of the required product. It is perfect for producing a high quality finished product, covering displays, POS material or packaging solutions in smaller runs, with ultra-short delivery times.”

Training partner

Our operators have handled the move from the traditional die-cutters to the Elitron plotters really well,” says Olsen. “They were sent to the Elitron factory in Italy for training and familiarisation before installation and then had a detailed training programme when the machines had been commissioned in our factory. We have been very happy with our choice of equipment and already seen an uplift in capacity. This can only be seen as good for our customers.” “Peterson is a leading provider in Scandinavia, servicing important customers in various markets such as food, drinks and FMCG. We are continuing with these activities, improving service levels and further developing wherever possible. Peterson’s long term business presence and close customer relationships fit in neatly with the company vision of the shareholders. The strengths of two proven companies are now combined in the Peterson brand, no matter whether it is for displays or packaging. Investment throughout the business, such as the installation of the HP Scitex 15500 Industrial Press and the two Elitron digital cutting tables is proof our commitment to the region,” concludes Olsen.

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