Unlocking The Potential Of New Market Segments With Innovation and Automation

Elitron Kombo SDC+ digital cutting system allowed to expand its product portfolio and to make the production department more efficient. is a company specialized in printing and digital processing that markets through web to print. The introduction in the production department of an Elitron Kombo SDC has opened new job prospects, offering better quality of production and reduced time, expanding the offer portfolio with innovative solutions as well. Let’s see with Marco Vicario, administrator of, the motivations and considerations regarding this choice

The choice of a digital cutting system: what were the motivations and what were the technologies and finishing procedures used before?

With the first volume growth, appeared in the production department the first machines with manual cutting management. With the continuous growth in demand, it was becoming increasingly important to invest in a digital cutting table that would allow us to achieve high standards of service and safety at work, as well as extreme precision in cuts and shaping, this has allowed us to expand our platform with a wider range of offered products, materials and manufacturing.

The choice of Elitron: what were the topics that made you choose Elitron as a partner?

We set out to research the various solutions available on the market, including visiting trade fairs and specialized companies. Among the many opportunities presented, Elitron gave us from the beginning the idea of reliability, precision, guarantee of results that we could achieve in the long term. We immediately found a feeling with the Elitron staff, we consequently set up a team work and development that would meet our specific needs. The fact that Elitron is located near our headquarters represented further added value in managing the development of our production facilities.

The advantages: after the system installation can we make a balance of the obtained advantages compared to the technology/previous (both in terms of workflow and the possibilities offered)?

Since the early stages after installation, Elitron has certainly brought advantages in terms of time savings and precision in cuts, advantages that represent a keystone in the management of the frenetic business dynamics of the web-to-print modern times. Thanks to Elitron we have been able to triple the production volumes and the types of workmanship that can be performed, so in a short time our e-commerce has been adapted to give the possibility to all customers to request products that can be realized thanks to this new technology acquired. Having a technology like Kombo SDC + not only allowed us to optimize processing times and procedures, but gave us the possibility to exploit its technical features to order to create new products. is specialized in large and medium format, and the products we offer must always consider the value for money and the speed of delivery. Thanks to Kombo we could achieve this goal immediately, but above all it has allowed us to better manage packaging phase, important for us as the product itself: with Kombo SDC + we create customized packaging for every order that receives. All this makes the transport of goods safer.

Which are the applications for which you chose Kombo and which features you couldn’t do without today?

After various comparisons with the Elitron technical staff, the choice towards the Kombo SDC 31.20 model was dictated by the working surface of the machine and the presence of the “Conveyor”. These aspects have allowed us to make the most of the machine, being able to make cuts without production interruptions, optimizing processing times. To date we can say that overall the choice was the best one: the production department and the packaging department can no longer do without Elitron Kombo SDC 31.20!

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