Developed in Windows environment, Tam Tam is a package software of support for the organization and the quick start of the collections. Allows you to define and implement the preliminary card containing all technical and stylistic design of a new product /samples.

Technical Support

Elitron customers technical support is always available, made directly by a dedicated support staff. The assistance, timely and qualified, is divided into different services, depending on your needs: training and development, installation and system start-up, updates and target assistance on-site support, telephone and online.

Product Configurator

Tam Tam is a true product configurator, useful for producing a correct description of a technical and stylistic model ready to be realized. As all Elitron products, is characterized by the maximum operational simplicity and a graphical immediate and direct.

Data Storage

Tam Tam allows you to insert references to costs, materials and suppliers, and remote transfer of information via the web, store photos (from all digital media), components, accessories, creating a historical drawings and sketches of research and stylistic studies.

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