EliScan 2D is immediately usable by all simple and effective automatic functional systems, developed in Windows environment, it can be used with standard hardware with any Windows compatible PC and scanner, it multiplies the acquisition speed due to the simultaneous scanning of multiple pieces.

Technical Support

Elitron customers technical support is always available, made directly by a dedicated support staff. The assistance, timely and qualified, is divided into different services, depending on your needs: training and development, installation and system start-up, updates and target assistance on-site support, telephone and online .

Loading System

EliScan 2D recognizes the various placed pieces on the scanner, separates the different shapes of the pieces as if they were scanned and transferred directly into the shapes ElitronCad for the materials consumption calculation, for any size development or for export in standard formats in other applications.


EliScan 2D is able to automatically detect the external and internal silhouettes profiles and generating modifiable lines (vectorization) in the case of non-perfect or damaged shape. Furthermore, the shapes acquired with EliScan 2D are immediately available for cutting of materials.

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