Quartapagina: unique creative designs brought to life thanks to the versatility of Elitron’s Kombo SD+

Aiming at taking to the next level its value proposition of POP and Sign & Display production, the Tuscany based graphic studio chose an Elitron Kombo SD+ to internalize its digital finishing activities and enjoy a quicker time to market.

18 Years have already passed since two dynamics creative graphic designers decided to become bootstrappers and found Quartapagina in Calenzano (FI). The company starts up as a mix and mash of a copyshop, a office appliances shop, a digital printing provider and a ADV agency. Relatively soon the two founders Simone Checcacci, a graphic designer, and Sandro Sandri decide to focus on visual communication by enhancing their commitment in trade fairs and point of sale displays creation. Quartapagina starts to experience a significant growth thanks to this decision which allows the company to start profitable business relationship with highly coveted fashion brands headquartered in the near surroundings. Such a quality oriented clients base therefore demanded to Quartapagina to deliver projects with a significantly growing level of complexity and personalization.

To cope with that kind of demand Quartapagina expands its technologies with large format printers at first and with roll-to-roll technologies later on. Alongside the complex projects of big fashion brands for trade fairs installations, Quartapagina starts to actively be involved in retail visual communication and sign and display which both require high level of specialization. Almost one year ago the two founders strategically decided to internalize their demand for digital finishing previously handled through external providers.

After a thorough research the company understands that it shall purchase a digital cutting system that caters to its needs in terms of versatility, quick set-ups and productivity: Elitron’s Kombo SD+ is the choice. From the very beginning Kombo SD+ turns out to be a pivotal technology for Quartapagina and it becomes a structural stone for its future development.

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