Password: Innovation

Only a few weeks after, Viscom Italy shows to be a further evidence of how much the Italian market appreciates the increasingly well-known Elitron finishing systems. In particular Kombo SD is achieving resounding success thanks to the unique philosophy that distinguishes it from the others: innovation.

Exhibiting with the conveyor working surface, it amazed as every year in terms of performance and stability. The multi-tool carriage, the video projection system and the Seeker System – that automatically recognises the printed images both on rigid and roll materials – offer the maximum flexibility during the processing. An exclusive patented technology, integrated into the Kombo systems, as a result of a really modern vision of the digital finishing sector, promises to become a worldwide standard.

After a few years from its commercialisation, is possible to affirm that the Kombo SD system has already achieved great success both in Italy and abroad, thanks to its unique features: stability, productivity and exclusive technologies. Today it offers more power, with the 3kw milling tool and the automatic tool change, in addition to the improved performances, thanks to the further enhanced motors of the PLUS version. Every user company can find the most suitable configuration for its specific needs, Kombo SD today represents the perfect combination between a solid and powerful milling machine and a flexible and agile cutting plotter, recognized as unique in the finishing market dedicated to the graphic arts and packaging.

Evolution is natural for Elitron, given the strong foundations represented by the deep knowledge of the cutting world and in particular the specific characteristics of each material with which it came in contact in over 25 years of activity. Great interest was also aroused by Elitron house “small one”, Kombo EL, with reduced dimensions, compact but equally efficient (working area 1700 x 1300 mm) dedicated to rapid prototyping and small productions runs in the cardboard industry.

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