Kombo TAV-R: the digital finishing solution cut for industrial workloads.

The investment in automation is aimed at meeting today’s and tomorrow’s challenges through non-stop productivity, easy management of short runs and possibility to achieve mass customization.

The packaging industry is quickly changing. Companies need steady business volumes to achieve profitable economies of scale; however, market trends are increasingly pointing towards smaller production batches and quick turn around applications in order to provide end users with the level of customization that they demand.

This shift poses challenges that are often hard to figure out for many print service providers because of the underlying characteristics of many traditional finishing solutions which usually represent a bottleneck in the production workflow. Traditional die cutting solutions even if capable of producing in high volumes are not versatile enough to make short runs profitable; on the flip side of the coin, digital cutting solutions, albeit a solution to short runs, are not suited for industrial workloads because of the lack of automation and workflow integration.

This was the state of the art up until Elitron launched Kombo TAV-R at Drupa 2016: the only digital cutting solution capable of seamlessly handling an industrial volume of short run jobs, totally unattended and designed to perfectly integrate into every company’s workflow. The most striking feature of Kombo TAV-R is certainly represented by its innovative material handling logistics that allows 24/7 unattended multi pallet management while, at the same time, making Kombo TAV-R easily fit into every company specific workflow.

Kombo TAV-R includes two breakthrough patented innovations like Seeker System, a dual camera system which automatically loads the cutting files and allows the machine to run unattended 24/7, and the revolutionary unloading system Airo Panel which makes the need for attachment points a notion belonging to the past. Still, innovation doesn’t stop there. In fact, Elitron’s solution is the only one featuring an independent double gantry which gets its workload smoothed, balanced and shortened by a smart software called TwinCut.

Thanks to this whole bunch of technological innovations and automation features, GotPrint, which once more reinforces the statement of being one of the most forward thinking commercial printer in the United States, opted for two Kombo TAV-R as its digital cutting solution of choice.

GotPrint started as a family business in 2001 in California. The strong commitment to provide fast, economical, and convenient service without sacrificing quality along with ongoing investments in the most advanced printing technologies allowed the company to grow fast and reach a nation-wide scale in just 10 years.

GotPrint specializes in the production of visual communication and promotional material and caters the marketing and communication needs of thousands of businesses every day.

This commitment brought along the challenge of coping with huge volumes that are highly fragmented as basically every company demands customized and tailored communication tools.

GotPrint works on each and every “paper-based” media plus other synthetic materials typical of Sign & Display industry and aims at supplying a wide range of products like: booklets, brochures, business cards, flyers, stickers, folders and also banners, corrugated boards, window decals and countless of other visual communication tools.

“Thanks to Elitron’s technology GotPrint has been able to offer new signage products to its customers with ease and efficiency” reports Hermand Hakopian, CA Digital Department Manager at GotPrint. “Kombo TAV-R allows for mass customization when the customers require special shapes; moreover, it is a cutting solution that works on almost any size and thickness as well as cutting through a variety of materials such as Foam Boards, Corrugated Plastic Boards for Yard Signs, Self-Adhesive Foam Boards, Cardboards, Canvas Foam Boards and more”.

GotPrint believes that production automation and seamless workflow integration are going to be the key drivers of competitive advantage required to be at the forefront of an industry which environment is increasingly more demanding. Elitron was the only manufacturer of digital cutting solutions who could provide that level of automation along with the easiest way of integrating a new machinery into the existing workflow at Got Print’s facilities, and that’s why the choice to begin with the partnership was such a no brainer.


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