How the synergy between digital printing and digital finishing can open up more business opportunities?

Elitron’s digital cutting solution and HP Scitex help Lawrence Paper Company making its business model more digital oriented.

The challenge to fulfill its mission statement of: “thinking outside of the box”, brought Lawrence Paper Company to re-design its production workflow to take advantage of the benefits digital solution can bring on the line.

Making their own business models more digital oriented is currently the biggest challenge for many printing service providers who are seeking to open up additional market opportunities. However, to do so the right investments must be made.

For this to happen, though, there must be a seamless synergy between the whole production ecosystem: from preflight to press and finishing. At Lawrence Paper Company the limitless production possibilities of the brand new HP Scitex 17000, have become real by the integration with Elitron’s Kombo TAV-R. The investment made last September is starting to pay off both in terms of cost reductions, increased customer satisfaction and improved throughput time.

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