How production automation can enhance your business: Simpac srl, from the province of Lecco, between POP and packaging.

The digital printing providers, especially those companies who are providers of POP materials and packaging, are the companies who have recently been embracing the transition to the digital technologies at a higher rate and harvesting the benefits that those technologies can enable to achieve.

In a context where, when it comes to POP and packaging creation, the retail operators are increasingly asking for a greater level of customization, posing a great deal of attention on the lead times and exacerbating the push towards continuous cost reductions while still demanding high quality standards, the need for a digital finishing system capable of handling the workload becomes crystal clear.

Simpac is a family owned business that for more than 25 years has been operating in the cardboard and corrugated industry. Simpac, with an end-to-end strategic approach, is not a simple producer but rather the people at the company work through project specifications in order to develop prototypes and betas.

In 2005, with the scope of taking advantage of the company’s competences with regard to product design, applications and customer advisory, the management team at Simpac decides to pull the trigger and diversify the company current offering with the addition of Packaging and POP materials aimed at retail operators and the FMCG industry.

It’s thanks to this strategic decision that Simpac had the opportunity to bring in many important customers in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

In 2011, looking for an industrial finishing and converting solution that could fit in the specific production layout and that could handle the requirements in terms of quality standards and delivery reliability demanded by the new portfolio of customers acquired the introduction of digital technologies, Simpac decides to invest in a Kombo TAV system as the only solution available which could fulfill those requirements.

All worked out so well that in 2015, after Simpac experienced further growth in business and volumes, the decision of implementing an additional version of Elitron’s Kombo TAV, now further improved and developed, was a no brainer.

The business opportunities that can be unlocked thanks to the right implementation of digital technologies are countless and this trend is not bound to slow down anytime soon.

Either because increasingly more companies, pursuing a differentiation strategy in the consumer goods industries, will be demanding customized products that only digital technologies are capable to achieve, and also because digital itself represents an essential addition for making a difference in industries, such as packaging and cardboard, where being highly competitive is crucial. Success histories like Simpac’s are the highlight of this trend and the question is not why but when.

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