At Fespa 2018 Elitron launches new Custom Cutting technology

Dual gantry Kombo TH cutting system now even more productive, thanks to Elitron’s game changing technology: Custom Cutting!

Elitron’s dual gantry cutting system, Kombo TH, reaches new heights in productivity, flexibility and smart workflow management. It is now possible to work using 1 working area (3100 x 2000 mm) or divide the 3100mm width into 2 separate customized working areas, each with an independent gantry and cutting head. The automatic 40-sector vacuum system proportionally divides the sectors between the 2 customized working areas, to ensure the perfect hold of all media in both areas.

This new technology dramatically increases productivity as 1 single cutting system is essentially turned into 2 independent cutting solutions which can both carry out different jobs and different applications simultaneously. Fast set up makes short runs easier to manage, and consequently more profitable.

Machine idle times are inexistent, as both cutting areas can work at the same time, in parallel or alternately, doing different jobs and cutting different media. Furthermore, in both cutting areas, it’s possible to work 2 or more different media using the high performance multi-tool cutting heads.

Kombo TH and Custom Cutting facilitate non-stop production: No more halted production, even when samples are required or there’s a complex production.

The Kombo TH is now decidedly the most flexible 2 in 1 cutting system.

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