FESPA 2017. Production automation leads the change for the digital printing industry.

Elitron’s smart automation gets praised as the solution for a digital printing industry which needs flexibility and process automation now more than ever.

Hamburg, 12 May 2017 – The 2017 edition of FESPA comes to a close and the much anticipated week-long digital printing tradeshow matched all the expectations that most of the printing providers had set at the get going.

The count gets up to more than 1000 exhibitors which, spread over as many as 10 halls at the Messe und Congress Center in downtown Hamburg, set their stages by showing off their latest pieces of technology and somewhat contributed to make all those promises made last year at Drupa come true. The call for a new era of digital printing has been answered, for real.

What can easily be reported is the increasingly growing interest shown by the attendees for maybe the greatest pillar of Elitron’s vision: production automation. It is not just curiosity or appeal for something which will be part of many facilities in the future any more but rather a concern brought along by a more compelling need that is now industry wide and mature.

Being aware of the fact that the majority of the visitors would have been eager to understand how production processes automation can represent a driver for gaining a competitive edge in the new digital printing landscape, Elitron opted to show the integration between the new wide format cutting table KOMBO SDC+ 3.2 and the smart feeder Heleva along with the upgraded double gantry finishing solution KOMBO TH.

However, speeding the production process up was not quite the purpose of the automation and integration that Elitron put on display, but rather showing how production can be made more flexible and seamlessly adapt to the low volumes yet custom-intensive jobs which are more and more required by brand owners to digital printing providers.

This need for flexible automation cannot be fulfilled without the adoption of technologies designed to effectively work together in a seamless integration and eventually unlock the real potential of the new digital printing: mass customization.

Elitron and its technologies showed to be ready for a new digital printing, and you?

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