Elitron’s innovation and automation technology leading the way through Industry 4.0 for the local industrial district.

At the “Innovation Day 2017” event, organized by the local Chamber of Commerce, PID and CDO - Marche Sud, Giuseppe Gallucci, Elitron’s CEO, shares the vision which led his company to be at the forefront in the digital cutting industry.

Calls for funding, iper / super assets depreciation along with Nuova Sabatini regulations, are just some of the measures provided by the Piano Calenda, which are aimed at increasing the share of companies who will be adopting technologies in compliance with Industry 4.0 in order to improve their competitiveness.

With the aim of spreading the coverage of the potential underlying in those measures at a local level, the Chamber of Commerce of the Municipality of Fermo, PID and CDO – Marche Sud organized a conference inviting the most promising companies of the local industrial district.

The guest speakers generally agreed upon the fact that there cannot be such a thing as Industry 4.0 if the average entrepreneur still reasons with a logic which looks more Industry 1.0. To further support the demanded change in terms of corporate culture, the audience listened to the success stories of some local companies who already transitioned to or are manufacturers of Industry 4.0 technologies.

The speech delivered by Elitron’s CEO Giuseppe Gallucci perfectly exemplified what the other speakers had previously pointed out: for making a company evolve from an execution standpoint, the overall corporate culture has to change and be permeated by values aimed at creating interconnections not only among technologies but also networks.

Without validating those assumptions or moving away from a mental framework which revolves around the mere product development, speaking about Industry 4.0 is just small talk.

From this perspective, in fact, Elitron is certainly a forward looking forerunner as, already in the year 2000, during a speech in North America about the future of production automation, the company’s vision was focused not only at the product itself but rather at the development of the value adding services around it like, for example, connections among machineries, IT networks and remotely controlled production.

Today the 2000+ installations worldwide, the ongoing collaborations with top tier MNCs and a steady growth are the best proof of how Elitron vision worked in the past and how the future will reward only those who are going to deliver solutions designed to be integrated in complex and interconnected workflows.

Industry 4.0 surely represents a great opportunity to help companies improve their competitiveness and having had the chance to show with which design philosophy Elitron’s technologies have been developed throughout the last two decades was certainly a positive initiative as it proved how innovation can only come from a forward looking vision.

In the wake of this Elitron will keep its doors open for the whole industrial district in order to have an ongoing dialogue for boosting smart production automation.

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