Elitron’s first time at InPrint Italy 2016

The role of packaging and automatic finishing in the industrial printing process

From November 15th till November the 17th we have been showcasing our automatic cutting solutions at the first edition of InPrint Italy, the only tradeshow specifically dedicated to the technologies related to the industrial printing industry, in the amazing creative hub set up at MiCo Milano Congressi in Milan.

InPrint Italy brought to Milan the leading industry experts and corporations so that the visitors would have been moved along a three steps journey for each area of interest related to the printing industry: functionality, decoration and packaging.

Even if characterized by their own peculiarities, these three segments share the same criticality in being capable of quickly responding to the increasingly frequent sudden changes in demand.

Packaging, especially, is the area where that criticality shows up and comes to life with the greatest magnitude.  How critical the role played by packaging is for today’s FMCG corporations can easily be understood just by thinking for a second about how carefully these organizations think their designs through. It’s not by chance that a thoroughly thought design, characterized by a nice look and particularly crafty finishing details, often leads to improved sales performances.

Elitron was a first timer exhibitor at InPrint and was the only one putting on display a finishing solution. Showing that we are capable of providing a wide range of solutions to the afore mentioned criticalities was the reason why we decided to bring our brand along both new cutting system Kombo SDC+ 3.2 and the smart automatic feeder Heleva.

In the same fashion it was for Viscom, we showcased the new automatic cutting table characterized by a conveyor belt motion and a 3.2 meters wide working area which represents Elitron’s solution to the trend of the large format printing. Kombo SDC+ 3.2 ensures the flexibility and the performances required to effectively operate on both large rolls of material and different types of rigid medias outgoing from large format digital printers with excellent quality-price ratio.

Combined with all the other Elitron time saving add-ons like the automatic printed images and reference marks detection system called Seeker System PRO and the Video Projection System, which makes the virtual die of the cutting path to be projected on the table thus allowing the operator to freely nest/place it onto the material surface and reduce the overall media consumption, Kombo SDC+ represents the new frontier in automatic dieless finishing.

However, since our mission is delivering complete integrated solution instead of stand-alone products, we seamlessly interfaced the Kombo SDC+ 3.2 with the automatic smart feeder Heleva which is capable of picking, aligning and loading different kinds of medias on both cutting tables and printers.
More than a simple pick and place device, Heleva represents more of system which intelligently manages the workflow and communicates bi-directionally with the machine it is connected with by either executing the required loading orders or conveying the information related to the upcoming loading queue for a quicker set-up.

In this way we wanted to show that flexible 24/7 productivity can be pursued for real by automating the most labor intensive tasks of the workflow and that many of the criticalities affecting the print service providers can be solved with our technologies.

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