Elitron’s digital cutting solutions enhanced Star Grafic’s business thanks to leaps in quality and productivity.

In which way Kombo SD and Kombo SD+ boosted POP and POS production providing both performances and finishing quality

Founded in 1999 as a traditional screen printing provider for textiles and keyboards, Star Grafic underwent an ongoing evolution towards plates or panels engraving thanks to the adoption of CNC workstations and further diversifying its business with furniture and design appliances.

The company has been capable of keep on innovating and eventually placed its bet on the new coming digital technologies that were increasingly becoming popular for interior decoration and POP materials.

Thanks to the feeling for innovation of Stargrafic’s owner Mr. Domenico Zanchini, the company invested in a Durst digital printer in 2004.

The skyrocketing demand for digitally printed solutions brought to Stargrafic a significant increase in production volumes but also a need for a finishing system that could reduce their lead time. Those factors led the company to seek a finishing technology which would keep the high quality of the manufacturing aimed for retailers without trading off anything in terms of productivity.

The purchase of Elitron Kombo SD in 2013, gave the answers that the company expected, allowing not only to overcome the work in progress, but also to further expand the business and acquire new customer, especially those operating in the retail industry.

This positive synergy led to an expansion of the technological fleet with another flatbed digital printer and, in 2016, the purchase of a second Elitron cutting solution: the faster Kombo SD+, equipped with automatic tool change and, above all, the innovative Seeker System Pro, a patented system of printed images recognition which makes the production less time consuming.

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