FESPA 2018, the rise of mass-customization

Production automation and flexibility are the centerpieces of Elitron’s digital finishing technologies presented in high praise at FESPA 2018

At FESPA 2018 the findings of FESPA Print Census, a three years market research, have been disclosed. More than 1400 digital printing providers took part in this edition of the survey. Digital technologies, which in the previous edition looked like a trend to monitor, have now surged to become a real deal and somehow are at the core of today’s industry players strategies.

Today, in fact, almost half of the total printed output is produced through digital technologies and, at the current growth rate, in less than two years it is going to represent the dominant production technology.

The drivers of this shift in production patterns can be identified in the increased demand for production flexibility to more effectively cope with mass customization and just in time production.

A forerunner of this trend, Elitron has developed and enhanced its digital cutting systems to deliver a high-end solution for the upcoming challenges digital printing providers will have to face in their industries.

The innovative Custom Cutting technology was with no doubts Elitron’s new release that draw the greatest deal of attention at FESPA 2018. Implemented on the dual gantry cutting system Kombo TH, this new technology, by essentially splitting a single cutting system into two contiguous machines that share the same working area, will significantly boost productivity on both complex, highly customized jobs and industrial workloads. Multiple and diverse materials or jobs can now be carried out seamlessly and without interruptions. Flexibility has never been so great.

However, production flexibility is not the only weapon digital printing providers have to cope with increasingly demanding customers.

By displaying the integration between the smart feeding system Heleva and the wide format digital cutting solution Kombo SDC+ 3.2, Elitron highlighted how a strategy that aims at increasing production capacity to cope with demand for just in time deliveries can be pursued with the help of its automation technologies.

More than 66% of the respondents to the Print Census declared that investments aimed at increasing production capacity will be the main strategic focus in the short term. Therefore, granting greater efficiency, Elitron’s smart automation does not simply eliminate bottlenecks but rather it makes that happen in a sustainable and cost-effective way.

With regard to efficiency and automation, a considerable amount of visitors came over from the in show event FESPA Digital Corrugated Experience aimed at corrugators and packaging industry operators to inquiry for the full automated digital cutting solution Kombo TAV-R. Awarded last year at the FEFCO seminar in Wien and increasingly adopted by the greatest players in the corrugated industry, Kombo TAV-R includes all Elitron’s innovations for unmatched performances and is the only cutting solution that delivers fully industrial 24/7 productivity with no operator requirements.

At FESPA 2018 appeared bright clear that the future of the digital printing industry will be subject to changes aimed at achieving greater workflow optimization and production efficiency. With innovations like the automatic image recognition technology Seeker System, patented since 2009, the brand new Custom Cutting and with the many smart automation solutions, Elitron reinforced its position of innovation leader for high end digital finishing technologies.

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