Elitron improves and helps optimizing the digital finishing process for the packaging industry

At Emballage 2016 Elitron launches its upgrade to the Kombo SD Series platform showcasing its Kombo SD+ 32.21 with automatic tool changer with 1 Kw electro spindle.

In Elitron we believe that imagination and creativity should bear no limits. Especially when it comes to critical industries like packaging creation and visual communication, technologies should lay no hurdles to actual application. For that reason, we decided to upgrade and build up innovation on our Kombo SD platform by integrating in the machine structure a dedicated magazine where up to 4 different routing bits can be stored.

The configuration showcased at All4Pack-Emballage was a Kombo SD+ 32.21 with a 1 Kw electro spindle which, according to the desired work, would automatically and intelligently pick the most suited routing bits from the storage.

Elitron’s automatic tool change represents a huge boost in productivity and innovation for all those print service providers who are now able to overcome short runs, tight delivery times, and stringent quality requirements. Machine set-up times are now turned even shorter, jobs requiring various different processes can now be executed more productively and higher quality or more complex finishing processes can now be performed without impacting negatively on the workflow or the competitiveness.
On top of that, a perfect quality finishing is assured thanks to the double check control run by the automatic presetting device which levels to the zero point each routing bit after it has been changed.

For example, thanks to the automatic tool changer, it is now possible to perform in a single go corrugated carton boxes which are creased, cut to shape with an electric blade and embellished with an inside made out of foamy sponge which shape is finished with the help of 3 different routing bits.

In Elitron we constantly work to improve and smooth our partners’ workflow and provide them with an actual competitive advantage in their industries. We know that our innovations matter to all those for which even a single second counts and that’s why we will keep pushing.

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