Elitron’s digital cutting solutions for leathergoods on show at Pellepiù 2017: between innovation and workflow improvement

Elitron’s ongoing commitment in R&D led to the engineering of two cutting solutions which both sit at the top of the ranking in user friendliness and productivity

At Pellepiù, the main Italian exhibition dedicated to shoemaking and leather goods industries, Elitron will showcase two digital cutting solutions and will be aiming at strengthening up its positioning as a cutting edge supplier capable of delivering innovative and high quality technologies for production automation.

Booster ICE is Elitron’s most appreciated and bestselling digital finishing solution for shoemaking and leather goods. User friendliness, high standards in terms of quality and productivity along with low costs of maintenance have made this digital cutting machine the best work mate of each industry operator. Booster ICE comes available with two different cutting head configurations: a first one with up to 5 tools aimed at those who need to also work on materials harder and thicker than leather which fits at the same time a pen, an electric (or pneumatic) oscillating knife, 2 perforators and a punch; the other one, specifically designed for extreme cutting performances on leather hides, can fit up to 7 tools such as 2 electric oscillating knives, 3 perforators, a pen and a punch

For the fashion designers looking for a flexible yet highly productive solution, Pellepiù will be the stage where the new release of Kudos 2.0 will be launched. With a conveyor driven working area and two independent multi tool cutting heads, this digital cutting solution is perfectly suited to work on different kinds of roll materials and medium sized hides. Thanks to the recent upgrades Kudos 2.0 has now won the trust of several fashion houses. Thanks to the video projection system, the operator can maximize the material yield while nesting it and be quicker while picking up the cut pieces.

The future of digital cutting awaits you at booth 21 at Cavaniglia pavillion.

Do not miss it out!

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