Elitron: cutting edge technology

Elitron presents the latest evolutions of Kombo TAV, Superplotter fully automated with two independent cutting heads, dedicated to the new demands of the box factories and cardboard industry requiring continuous production.

The Kombo TAV is a cutting system specifically designed to meet the new and growing demands of the packaging industry. It’s a die-less finishing system and therefore saves the high cost and lengthy waiting for the production of traditional dies. If a project changes slightly this can lead to delays in production waiting again on new dies. This advantage is further increased when the demand for short run production is greater. The operator can change over jobs at a click of a button.

The innovations implemented on Kombo TAV are the following: a pre-loading system and new tools for the processing. All of this to facilitate and make more productive the manufacturing processes.

Kombo TAV is not a standalone product, but an integrated system. It offers the possibility of full automation and integration in the company production to guarantee a continual workflow 24/7. A reliable and robust system, suitable for industrial production, that will stand the test of time.

The standard version has a materials loading capacity up to 700 mm high, with the possibility of increasing the loading capacity with pallet height up to 1100mm with the uplifted version of the Kombo TAV and its raised platform for the operator, without having to carry out any masonry work.
This results in longer production cycles without any operator intervention (the classic example is during nighttime production). Multi-sheet feeding: possibility to load and work more than one small dimension sheet at the same time, during the same working session.

With the new Preloading System Elitron created an integrated but independent system to increase productivity, by reducing processing times. By integrating in the production cycle, this device automatically picks up the material from the stack and, after having re-centred the registration marks using Seeker System with two independent cameras, it positions the sheet in the dedicated buffer zone which is situated between the loading area and the cutting area. This facilitates and speeds up the positioning of the sheet on the cutting area, the work proceeds with a continuous and constant flow, but above all speeded up thanks to the elimination of the re-centering times of printing references. The process takes place whilst the two cutting heads complete the previously assigned job in the cutting area.

Each of the two multi-tool cutting heads provides a wide versatility with up to five tools at once: electric oscillating knife module, creasing wheel module – diameter up to 150 mm, laser pointer module, pen module, extra module for additional tool (fixed knife module, 45° knife module or the new Cut & Crease module).

DS Smith, Smurfit Kappa and other European packaging large groups have already made their choice, and got the added value that only a system like Kombo TAV can give, and have installed the solutions proposed by Elitron.

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