Elitron at Viscom 2017: in partnership with Polyedra to broaden up visual communication boundaries

With new partnerships and synergies Elitron reinforces its top tier role in the digital finishing industry.

The main italian tradeshow for visual communication, Viscom 2017, has finally provided signs of shared optimism and awakening of the graphic arts and sign & display industry as a whole. A great number of attendees along with their great deal of curiosity were there to state the growing focus on digital technologies of the vast majority of industry operators.  Elitron did not fall short of big time news as well: from the announcement of a brand new partnership with Polyedra, key player in the distribution of materials for the visual communication industry, to the sale of a digital cutting solution of the Kombo SD Series as a demonstration of the wide appreciation for its finishing technologies.

With more than € 162 mlns in revenue and over 185 employees, Polyedra is indeed the market leader for the distribution of paper and carton based materials, primary and secondary packaging all the way to synthetic media for the visual communication industry. From Viscom on Polyedra will be carrying on the distribution of Elitron digital cutting solutions and will also aim to take over the technical assistance once the technical skills will be acquired by the technicians.

This partnership, which will hold for the whole Italian market, is aimed at consolidating Elitron’s positioning nationwide as a supplier of digital cutting solutions for printing providers and visual communication operators by bringing it closer to its target market.

Elitron is confident that the more widespread distribution will allow the organization to be even more responsive to and better understand its customers’ needs in the wake of what has always been its mission: providing integrated and value adding solutions instead of merely selling single products.

Even if Elitron’s revenue comes for a 70% share from overseas international trade, partnering with Polyedra shows once again the commitment to invest in its national market development and represent a building block for digital cutting in the visual communication industry.

The fact that sign makers were increasingly focusing on the advantages of turning to digital cutting solutions has been also demonstrated by the sale of a Kombo SD Series to AMPA a company from the province of Naples who turned to digital finishing as a further expansion of its digital printing business.

Elitron and Polyedra represent indeed two sides of the same coin: both are focused on making their customers’ ideas and projects become real, and this similarity of intents is what make great partnership work out.

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