Elitron and Europal Packaging: sustainable creativity takes shape on honeycomb cardboard

At FESPA 2017 Elitron and Europal Packaging join forces to show how digital cutting solutions like Kombo SD Series bring out Beelite’s quality and creative potential

During FESPA 2017 Elitron’s cutting solutions Kombo SDC+ 3.2 and Kombo TH have been operating on several projects on Beelite like: POP materials, POS displays, and design objects featuring complex cutting lines so that attendees had the chance to assess the overall quality carved out by Elitron digital cutting systems and the creative potential of the media.

The collaboration with the corrugated and honeycomb cardboard producer Europal Packaging, a Belgian company founded in 1947 which started developing visual communication materials like Beelite from 2010, has been specifically arranged to fulfill the ongoing need of optimizing the cutting systems configuration on newly developed materials so that end users are ensured with the utmost finishing quality.

Beelite comes in two different versions: 2D, perfectly suited for light construction and flat creations, and 3D more resilient and aimed at making much more complex designs; it is sold in panels of different sizes and thicknesses. Beelite is 100% recyclable and is made of the union of a core in honeycomb cardboard together with various layers of paper on top. These characteristics, along with a low weight combined with a surprising resiliency, make Beelite easily printable in good quality as well.

On Elitron’s digital cutting solutions it is possible to work on Beelite and getting an above average finishing quality even pushing the cutting table to its maximum performances while operating either tangential cutting with pneumatic blade or 45° V Cut.

The industry of visual communication materials is on an ongoing evolution. Thanks to the widespread adoption of digital printing technologies capable of making highly customized and granular marketing campaigns real and to the growing need for instore UX enhancement, the producers shifted the focus of their research on highly resistant materials on which brand owners can achieve amazing printing quality, come up with highly creative designs and win end customers attention.

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