470x220_1_AziendaElitron: the power of ideas

“If you can imagine it, you can create it” and if these words ring true for somebody then it is decidedly Giuseppe Gallucci, founder and CEO of Elitron, a leading industrial automation company.

Elitron, 30 years ago, was the dream of a man who wanted to revolutionize the leather cutting industry in the Marche Region, a region which traditionally has a high concentration of footwear production.


Today Elitron’s worldwide success is the consequence of a winning formula: innovation and creativity which have evolved hand-in-hand over the years, resulting in a range of software solutions and state-of-the-art production systems which respond to today’s market needs for the Leather and Upholstery sectors, Visual Communications and Packaging sectors and the General Industry sector.

The hi-tech systems ensure increased levels of production with and concrete, impressive results. The new generation of cutting systems and software design packages offer high quality solutions also for aeronautical, maritime, automotive, gaskets and composites sectors, as well as many new technical materials.

At the heart of Elitron there is a young, highly qualified team, together with the entire family Gallucci, an exclusively Made in Italy know-how, artisan tradition together with the highest technological content.

The dream started in the Marche Region, today there are more than 2,000 installations worldwide.

This is the Elitron effect.

The Patents

TwinCut. Double your productivity.

Seeker System. Simplicity at a glance.

Airo Panel. Perfect suction.

Two cutting heads, coordinated by TwinCut software, are able to act independently, to manage the cutting and creasing for materials up to great thicknesses and to complete the work at a unbeatable speed.

The vision system and its software allows automated management of image recognition: a double camera detects the position of the identifying marks, then the software automatically resizes the cutting files.


SeekerSystemMore information about Seeker System

The working area patented by Elitron sucks hard on the cut sheet, returns it to the unloading area and stack it on the pallet. With Airo Panel shape is perfectly shaped, devoid of attachment points and scraps easy to remove.

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