Spark meets and surpasses today’s finishing requirements, both in terms of flexibility and automatic cutting performance, for sampling and production in digital printing, cardboard, sign and display industries.

More than 25 years of Italian manufacturing experience, and technological innovation, come together to ensure that Elitron offers you the most advanced technology and high-performance multi-tool cutting heads for cutting, milling, creasing and engraving.

Only Elitron’s systems can be equipped with the Seeker System, the intelligent vision system which automatically recognises printed images.

This exclusive Elitron patent significantly reduces production time and cuts the cost of the production process.


Maximum flexibility, maximum productivity, maximum results.

Multi-tool head

Maximum flexibility during production, using the multi-tool cutting head equipped with up to 5 tools simultaneously. Furthermore, the impressive software features allow different materials to be worked during the same production session.

  • Cutting head with fixed or oscillating knife, electric and/or pneumatic

  • Creasing wheel kit with different diameters and profiles

  • Kiss-cutting (half cut)

  • V-cut, 45° knife (other cutting angles also available)

  • Cut & Crease knife

  • Circular knife

  • Pen module

  • Laser pointer

Seeker System PRO

Seeker System PRO increases productivity during every single working cycle. The dual camera system with powerful image processing software automatically scans the working area, recognises printed images and loads the corresponding cutting files automatically.

Seeker PRO can process different materials simultaneously, without having to place the sheets in any particular position on the working area.

Underside Roll Reader

Innovative system able to recognise printed images on roll materials from the underside. Automatically loads the relative cutting files, for a continuous, highly productive workflow.

Video Projection

Yield optimisation using the video projection system to project digital dies onto the materials.

Waste and cost reduction, with possibility to re-use otherwise waste materials.


Circular blade
Creasing tools V0
Electric oscillating blade
Fixed blade
Kiss cutting blade V0
Laser pointer
Pen tool V1
Pneumatic oscillating blade V2
V-Cut fixed blade
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