Reversa is a system that allows to overturn the printed sheets of different size, type and thickness to facilitate processing after printing.

In the case of two-sided printing, it is also possible to turn over the sheets already printed to facilitate the printing of the second side.

The system of suction cups and bellows can be programmed in relation to different needs and guarantees the separation of the sheets even in presence of critical materials.

The system is provided in two ways: stand-alone and integrated.

Reversa Stand-alone

The system allows to process pallets sequentially, independently of the other processes.

Maximum loading height:

  • 760 mm
  • 1200 mm.

Reversa Integrated

The system is an integrated part of a production line, it intervenes only on the pallets to be processed and guarantees operational continuity, including the transit of the empty pallet from the loading to the unloading.

Maximum loading height:

  • 1200 mm.

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