PLAZA T is the cutting system designed by Elitron for applications on large format leathers and materials of greater consistency typical of the world of upholstery, saddlery and furniture.

PLAZA T can be equipped with a wide range of tools to guarantee extreme versatility and high-quality standards on productions that require complex processes by combining, in the same session, processes normally carried out in different phases.

Plaza T delivers a high-quality finishing thanks to the perfect material yield guaranteed by the dynamically concentrated vacuum system.

DOMINO Software can be synced with the ERP for the management of the cutting chedule. It allows gain control over all the data (article, quantity, patterns, and materials) and, in its offline version, plan the activity of one or more cutting units. The integration of the OPERA Software, dedicated to the management of automatic nesting, increases the materials savings.

Maximum Flexibility

In Leather Cutting

Beam Height

Depending on client specific production needs, 3 different beam heights are available on PLAZA T: 20mm, 50mm and 120mm; so that it can also be used on technical or foam materials

Multi tool head

The PLAZA T cutting systems are equipped with a multi-tool head with up to 5 tools: electric (or pneumatic) oscillating blade, alternatively, perforator or milling router, creasing wheel or motorized circular blade plus a pen and a laser pointer. This wide selection allows to work on all those high consistency materials hides, regenerated, rubbers, plastics and allows the creation of stylistic details that rise finished product quality standards.

Designed for an easy and quick maintenance, thanks to its modular design, allows the operator to change the tools in a few seconds.


Steel worktop with solid cellular structure and tubular steel reinforcements for a perfect absorption of vibrations and guarantee of constant flatness even in case of moving the cutting system.

Video projection and Assisted Collection

To optimize each material yield, the system is featured with a video projection that projects the shapes of the virtual die to be cut on the material allowing to re-use also scraps of previous workings.

The video projection system also allows the operator to unload the working area faster, guiding it in the identification of the pieces to collect, thus minimizing the risk of mistakes.


Circular blade
Creasing tools V0
Electric oscillating blade V0
Electrospindle V0
Pen tool V1
Perforator V0
Pneumatic oscillating Blade V1
Punch tool
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