The automatic cutting systems in the Plaza Series are specifically designed for furniture, upholstery, apparel and automotive.

These cutting systems can work on many different materials by automatically choosing the most appropriate tool available on the Multi-Tool Cutting Head. Thanks to the great flexibility of the PLAZA Series, it is possible to come up with highly crafty and creative manufactures and be real innovators.

The Video Projection system shows in real time the manual nesting of the shapes thus increasing the overall material yield and easing the job of the operator.

The video projection system can even be used to help the operator collecting the processed materials. The production will be faster and the execution will be errors free thanks to the easier detection of every single piece.

The operator can configure the working area of any Plaza Series in several sections, for alternate processing (placement, cutting, discharge), thus optimizing waiting times.

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Plaza Series

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Working Area

The cutting systems of the Plaza Series are designed to fit medium and large sized hides while still being space friendly. The available dimensions  range from the compact 3.2m (width) per 1.6m (lenght) to the huge 6.2m per 2.25m. The wear-proof single piece base is made out of cellular steel to considerably reduce the effect of vibrations and ensure higher cutting standards.

A perfect cutting quality even on small pieces or stylish details is ensured by a powerful vacuum system on up to 96 sectors is automatically focused only where the cutting head is operating.

Cutting Head

Each and every Plaza Series features a multi tool cutting head with room for 4 tools at the same time among: electric oscillating blade, perforator, punch and a pen.

Robust, with easily interchangeable tools and designed for an easy and quick set-up, the cutting head ensures maximum flexibility thanks to its modular design which allows the operator to change the tools in a matter of seconds.


Electric oscillating blade V0
Pen tool V0
Pen tool V1
Perforator V0
Punch tool
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