Kudos is the innovative cutting systems, for leather and synthetic materials in roll, with electric or pneumatic oscillating blade technology.

Thanks to 2 cutting heads and a Conveyor belt driven working area, Kudos ensures reliability, quality and non-stop productivity.

The nesting area is featured by a high-brightness video projection system which assists the operator in maximizing the material yield.

Available with working areas of either 1600mm or 2000mm width, Kudos is a truly “”open”” system: able to be interfaced with each and every CAD system available in the market and able to guarantee maximum flexibility even on highly critical materials.

The unloading area is equipped with a video projector to speed the operator up in the smart collection of the cut pieces eliminating any chance of mistake.

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Maximum productivity in a minimum footprint.

Multi Tool Cutting Head

Two multi-tool carriages with one electric/pneumatic oscillating blade- for critical materials – two perforators, one punch and one pen, extremely reliable and engineered for an easy and simple maintenance and to ensure a very high productivity.

Sectored Plan

The advanced technologies of this system ensure that the efficient vacuum suction work surface is automatically activated, focused and maximized only where necessary allowing for a perfect material hold.

Assisted Collection

The Video projection allows the operator to unload the working area faster by guiding him in the identification of the pieces to be collected and reducing the risk of mistakes.

Video projection

To optimize the yield of each single material, the system is featured with high intensity video projection which displays the shapes of the virtual dies on the material allowing the operator to reduce the waste on each job.


Electric oscillating Blade V1
Pen tool V0
Perforator V0
Pneumatic oscillating Blade V1
Punch tool
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