Kombo TTC with Conveyor belt in felt arising from the decades – long experience of Elitron, summarizes the best technical features on the market, such as the robust structure, the flexibility that allows its use for the continuous cutting of countless materials, the cutting speed that guarantees a high productivity, the installation and the use up to five tools simultaneously; it also allows, thanks to the “rapid change“, to replace the tools in an extremely simple and quick way.

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More strength, more versatility, more productivity.


Robust structure

System built for industrial workloads and to guarantee the maximum durability over time.

Automatic tool pre-setting

  • Greater precision and working quality.
  • Simple and fast tool changeover.


Multi-Tool cutting head

To work different materials during the same working session.

Can be equipped with up to 5 tools simultaneously.

Different material thicknesses up to 50 mm.

Different processings: cutting, tracing, milling and creasing.

Holding clamps

Correct movement of the roll materials.

Enhanced cutting quality.

Video Projection system

The perimeter of the cut to be made is projected onto the working surface and the operator can freely move/place it on the useful surface of the material.

Easy recovery of materials set aside from previous productions.

It allows to display in real time, before execution, the cutting path that the plotter will run. Reduction of material waste.

Seeker System PRO

Cutting edge technology, patented by Elitron, for the automatic recognition of reference marks and printed images to be cut. Increased productivity, since printed materials (banners, logos, texts, etc.) can be freely and quickly positioned on the cutting area.

A dual camera gives to the system the ability to detect the printed images on the material and, using Elitron exclusive software, automatically load the cutting file related to the image, to run the job.

A real “eye” on the cutting system that can operate in total autonomy, automatically correcting any distortion and printing errors.


Cauterizing tool module
Die Perforator
Electric oscillating blade
Fixed blade
Interchangeable creasers
Kiss cutting blade V1
Laser pointer
Milling tool module
Motorized circular blade
Pen tool V1
Pneumatic oscillating blade V2
V-Cut fixed blade
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