The result of ongoing investments in R&D, Kombo TH is the new Superplotter of Elitron’s House.

A skilled mix between innovation and technology, with two cutting heads, which cuts on the same working area, able to operate on different materials panels at the same time.

Thanks to Custom Cutting technology, a dramatic improvement in productivity can be achieved as the single cutting system is essentially turned into two parallel workstations.

On Kombo TH, thanks to the Custom Cutting integration, it is possible to achieve an uninterrupted production workflow by having two independent cutting heads constantly availables.

Additionally, the Twin Cut software constantly manages the cutting process by automatically assigning an equal workload to each head so that the shortest throughput time can be ensured. The result is doubled productivity and a streamlined workflow.
Kombo TH is also integrated with the exclusive vision system Seeker System, for automatic image and reference points, printed on the panels, detection.

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Kombo TH

Double cutting head, double productivity.


The High Resolution Video Projection System, keep waste to the very minimum and enhances productivity. It only takes a click to position the digital dies on the not printed-panel, optimizing the material and recovering any scraps. This means lower costs and higher production efficiency.

Double Multi-tools Heads

Two multi-tools cutting heads work on the same area providing maximum production versatility. Double speed, double productivity, double profit and reduced working times. Furnished with Twin Cut software, which manages automatically the cutting process, the system is able to do two completely different finishing on the same working area.

Seeker System

Elitron’s patented vision system. The operator simply needs to place the sheet or sheets (or more different works) freely on the working area. Two cameras then automatically identify the printed images, load the file, detect the position of the reference points and correct any eventual imperfections before starting the cutting process. All this is Automatic.


SeekerSystemMore information about Seeker System

Working Area

Robust cellular steel structure, managed by software, with 40 concentrated vacuum sectors for perfect adhesion and finishing of materials.


Creasing tools V0
Electric oscillating Blade V1
Electrospindle V0
Fixed blade V-Cut V1
Kiss cutting blade V0
Pen tool V1
Pneumatic oscillating Blade V1
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