The most compact, floor to floor, fully automatic cutting solution for bespoke packaging and displays.

Elitron’s new Kombo TAV V2 is the only system able to load and unload stacks of up to 1555mm of printed and non-printed materials.

This extremely versatile, fully automatic, cutting system can be loaded and unloaded from the front and end, in-line or alternatively can be loaded and unloaded from the side, as indicated in the diagram.
For sheets up to 3200 x 2200mm, the flexible loading and unloading mean that the overall system footprint is kept to a minimum and can fit into production sites where space is critical.

From floor to floor – the full process:

Preloading preparation: each individual sheet is aligned prior to loading, to guarantee precision.

Preloading: sheets are scanned using the incorporated, internationally patented, Seeker System, on either the face-up or face-down side in order to read the printed images and reference points, and automatically load the cutting files. The sheet is then moved to a buffer position. This saves time as the process takes place whilst the previous sheet/s are being cut and creased.

Loading: single sheets or multiple sheets are loaded to fully fill the working area, in order to maximise productivity.

Recognition: Stacks and individual jobs can be recognised as described above or the job can be identified using a printed barcode or QR code.

Cutting & Creasing: The concentrated vacuum working area, with up to 32 vacuum sectors, is automatically activated where the cutting heads are working, in order to hold even the smallest pieces in place. A perfect hold results in highest quality cutting results.

Two independent gantries and two cutting heads work simultaneously over the entire working area. Their workload is balanced automatically by Elitron’s Twin Cut software and each cutting head comes with up to 5 tools.

Unloading: The patented Airo Panel makes light of unloading and stipping as no nicks are necessary. Single and multiple sheets are unloaded in one go using the powerful vacuum Airo Panel. Both product and waste materials are unloaded and deposited in the unloading bay, and the nick-free sheets are ready for the next process.

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Loading System

Integrated loading system fully automates each phase of pre-loading and loading. It speeds up and guarantees the smooth transport of materials from the pallet to the working area. Vertical movement of the sheets is fully automatic, so the operator is working in a safe environment. The system can load multiple sheets onto the cutting area, to make best use of each working session.

Seeker System

Innovative software and vision system patented by Elitron. This multi-camera system reads the underside or top side of the of the sheets and recognizes the printed images, as well as detecting the printing reference point position and loading the cutting files automatically. The system can also adjust the cutting file to allow for any distortion. All this is automatic.

Two Cutting Heads

Two independent cutting heads on two gantires work non-stop to cut and crease materials, for increased productivity throughout the entire production process. Double your workload automatically, using Elitron’s state-of-the-art TwinCut software. This calibrates and assigns the workload independently between the two cutting heads, optimizing the overall time for the job in hand.

Airo Panel

Innovative, dedicated unloading technology patented by Elitron.
Airo Panel is a powerful vacuum panel that moves the cut and creased sheet/s from the working area to the unloading area and stacks these neatly on the waiting pallet.
The result: perfectly clean-cut displays and boxes without unsightly bridges or attachment points, and waste material that requires no stripping.


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