Kombo T is the most technologically advanced, robust and reliable solution for processing of the most difficult materials. The result of continuous investments in R&D and the know-how acquired by Elitron in over twenty years of activity in different sectors, it is the best solution for people who require the maximum operational efficiency and high levels of productivity, maintaining simplicity of use and technical reliability.

Kombo T includes a powerful multi-tools carriage and it is available with both fixed plan and conveyor belt (conveyor plan).

The first more practical and easy to maintain, the second which allows a flow of continuous work, in particular for the processing of materials in roll. The system is available with rolls holder and unloading plan motorized-synchronized with the working plan, which makes it all more automated to increase the productivity.

Designed and entirely realized by Elitron, Kombo T wallops the blade and mill cutting systems, on the market today, in terms of effectiveness and efficiency.

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Kombo T

Cut out for the hard work.


The ultimate in operational simplicity adopted by Elitron in all its cutting systems finds again expression with the “virtual dies”. The operator uses a simple and effective projection system for easily position the shapes to be cut directly on the material, even on small leftovers or scraps, optimizing the performance and thus reducing wastage. The nesting can be done even in the automatic mode as well as in interactive mode.

Multi-tool Cutting Head

The processing of an infinite number of materials with different consistencies and thickness with the same machine it is now possible. The combination of mill and oscillating blade – pneumatic or electric – managed by Elitron software, makes possible the cutting of a multiplicity of materials with any consistency, and up to 120 mm thick, with an incomparable cutting quality. Kombo T is the solution for the cutting of the most difficult materials, including stainless steel graphite for gaskets, asbestos-free, copper, bakelite, PVC, polyethylene foam, compact or foamed rubber, composite, MDF, fiberglass.

Suction System and Sectored Plan

Working plan realized in solid honeycomb steel which, combined with the powerful suction system ensures the material perfect  blocking on the cutting area. The fast management via software of the multiple plan sections allows to automatically concentrate the suction power in total, progressive and partial mode, only where needed.

Robust and Flexible

The system which represents the perfect combination of a milling machine robustness and a cutting plotter flexibility and agility. Product 100% in solid steel, with high precision racks handling system and quality Made in Italy. This ensures strength, stability and long-lasting precision.


Die Group
Electric oscillating Blade V1
Electrospindle V1
Pen tool V1
Pneumatic oscillating Blade V1
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