Kombo SDC+ 3.2 is part of a new platform designed by Elitron to integrate and automate the workflow with the increasingly popular super wide format digital printers. Extremely flexible and with conveyor cutting table, Kombo SDC+ 3.2 has a 3200 x 2100 mm working area.

Designed to fulfill the needs of those digital printing providers for which competitiveness is increasingly based on delivery time and flexibility with small/medium production batches, Kombo SDC+ 3.2 allows to work effectively with both large rolls of material and different types of rigid medias outgoing from the bigger size digital printers

A blend of technological innovation and italian know how, to further boost its productivity, Kombo SDC can be equipped with the innovative vision system Seeker System PRO – an exclusive Elitron patent – that recognises the printed images and automatically loads the associated cutting files to autonomously perform the cutting process.

Kombo SDC+ 3.2 is the best automatic dieless cutting solution to process large rolls of materials with the utmost simplicity while, thanks to the possibility of integration with the automatic smart feeder HELEVA, at the same time making the workflow even more automated, integrated and productive.

Kombo SDC+ 3.2

Productivity on a Super Wide Format.

Seeker System PRO

A visible innovation, thanks to the innovative vision system patented by Elitron, it’s now enough to simply position the sheet freely on the working area, without any restrictions, to process any job. A dual camera system automatically scans the entire working area, recognises the printed images, loads the relative cutting files and identifies the position of the reference points. A simple click is then enough to start cutting.


SeekerSystemUlteriori informazioni su Seeker System


The powerful high resolution bright video projection system clearly projects the shapes to be cut onto the sheet. With a simple click you can position the shapes as you prefer, in order to optimise the available material. This prevents waste and allows you to fully use of any leftover materials.

Multi Tool Cutting Head

Great versatility due to dedicated tools for each job: the multi-tool head can fit different tools to work all materials. It is possible to work different materials contemporarily thanks to the vast selection of flexible functions. The automatic pre-setting function makes it extremely easy and quick to changeover cutting head and tools, thanks to their automatic registration. The chips cleaner system acts during the machining operations for a complete cleaning of the working area.

Sectored Plan

Solid cellular steel structure, up to 40 concentrated vacuum sectors automatically activated where necessary. The management is by software: the operator decides the opening and the closing of sectors through digital control.


Circular Knife
Creasing tools
Electrical vibrating Blade
Electro Spindle
Peeling module (kiss-cutting)
Pneumatic vibrating Blade
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