Kombo SD+ is the automatic cutting and finishing plotter dedicated to respond the new requirements of the cardboard, digital printing and signage industries. Kombo SD+ is equipped with Seeker System – patented by Elitron – that automatically recognises the printed images: an originally simple innovation.

This flexible dieless finishing system cuts production times and reduces costs whilst offering maximum versatility for both short and complex production runs.

The unparalleled cutting speeds of up to 102 mt/min accelerate production times, increasing your productivity, with maximum automation of the production process and minimum operator intervention. The operator’s safety is guaranteed by the presence of a state-of-the-art safety device that activates in case of any obstacle during production.

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Kombo SD+

More performance, more speed, more productivity

Seeker System

A visible innovation, thanks to the innovative vision system patented by Elitron, simply position the sheet freely on the working area, without any restrictions. A dual system camera sees the sheet, recognises the printed images, loads the relative cutting files and identifies the position of the reference points. All this, automatically. A simple click is then enough to start cutting.


SeekerSystemMore information about Seeker System


The powerful high resolution bright video projection system clearly projects the shapes to be cut onto the sheet. With a simple click you can position the shapes as you prefer, in order to optimise the available material. This prevents waste and allows you to fully use of any leftover materials.

Multi-Tool Cutting Head

Every job requires a dedicated tool. The multi-tool head can fit different tools to work all materials. It is possible to work different materials contemporarily thanks to the vast selection of flexible functions. The automatic pre-setting function makes it extremely easy and quick to changeover cutting head and tools, thanks to their automatic registration.

Speed and Precision

Kombo SD+ guarantees precise finishing and a clear cut to finishing times, with cutting speeds of up to 102 mt/min, the Kombo SD’s performance is something the market has never previously seen. Easy to use and flexible, as with all the Elitron systems, with fewer delays during production, less labour costs and faster completion of individual jobs. In short, greater profitability for your business.


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