Kombo EL is the compact and versatile plotter for automatic cutting and milling which responds to the new requirements of prototyping for the cardboard industry, digital printing, advertising panels and signage sectors.

Result of Elitron’s over twenty years experience in the sector of cutting systems design and production, Kombo EL gives a clean cut to the past and presents itself as a small solution for the high quality finishing dedicated to sampling and production of small batches.

The machine body is made by a solid steel structure with linear and curved elements, a robustness which enhances the manufacturing quality because it does not limit the execution speed and ensures its stability and precision. Design and technology one hundred per cent made in Italy.

With optional Seeker SystemTM, the exclusive system patented by Elitron for the automatic recognition of reference marks, it is possible to enhance to the highest levels the yield of processing on printed materials, confirming the extreme flexibility of Kombo EL.

All of this to be added to the maximum safety for both the operator and the people involved in the processes, thanks to cutting-edge devices that handle any obstacles while the system is working.

The working station, separated from the machine body, is essential and ergonomic for an easy control of the entire production process.

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Kombo EL

The small plotter which goes the whole hog.

Working area

The working area is made of a strong alveolar steel structure, with 6 sectors of concentrated suction automatically controlled for a better material blocking.

The optional Seeker SystemTM, automates each step with precision thanks to the camera mounted on the multi-tool carriage.

Multi-tool Head

Versatile and essential, the multi-tool head allows to cut and crease materials up to 20 mm thick. The two different modules are easily and quickly interchangeable.


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Electrical vibrating Blade
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