Let your imagination take over and Agila 16.13 will do the rest.

This compact cutting plotter with optional Seeker System for reference point recognition, is the perfect answer for die-less cutting for both sampling and production.

100% Made in Italy with patented Elitron technology.

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AGILA 16.13


Working area

Robust structure in cellular steel with 9 automatically activated concentrated vacuum sectors.

All materials perfectly held in place, job after job.

Multi-tool Head

Multi-Tool Cutting Head with 4 tools for materials up to 15mm.

Plug & Play wire-free connectivity for immediate changeover between tooling options.

Fixed Tools (2):

  • Laser Pointer Module
  • Pen Module

Tooling Options (2):

  • Fixed or Oscillating, Electric or Pneumatic Knife Module
  • Milling Module
  • Creasing Module
  • Kiss Cutting Module
  • Cut & Crease Module
  • V-Cut 45° Module
  • Circular Knife Module


Creasing tools
Electrical vibrating Blade
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