Heleva, the result of Elitron’s RFA (Researching Full Automation) innovating drive, is the automatic feeding system that picks up, aligns, and loads sheets or panel onto large format digital plotters. Heleva allows a full automation of any printer, making it productive 24h/7, non-stop.

An extremely intelligent sheet feeder, able to communicate and be interfaced with maximum flexibility with the printer and capable of handling even different kinds of materials.

Heleva,  in fact, is not only capable of executing loading orders required by the printer, but it also can deliver the information about the queued medias to the same printer. Heleva comes in 2 versions which differ from one other mainly for the format. The first with parallel printer feeding of 1, 2 or 4 sheets, the second with simultaneous machine feeding of 1 or 2 sheets.

In addition, to further automate the workflow, Heleva can be integrated with a motorized rollers system which allows to move different pallets without interrupting the printing cycle.


Highly efficient at every level.

Vertical Moving Platform

Heleva’s platform rises up to the tabletop level of the printer for manual loading, or lifts fully the plane, allowing the operator to intervene directly on the printer. The moving platform picks up one or more sheets and places them squared up to the printer. Loads from ground level up to 1.5 meters high and rises up to the printer tabletop level.


Heleva is equipped with an operator console for total control of the production cycle. The software interface, designed to be managed in an intuitive manner, makes the use of Heleva system extremely fast and user-friendly.

Multi-sheet loading

The loading platform is able to place the single sheet which the system loads, following the printer instructions, enhancing and optimizing the production cycle of any Printer.
Heleva loads up to 4 perfectly centred sheets, which can be printed on both sides.

Multi-material loading

Heleva loads different types of rigid and flexible materials, like forex, pvc, cardboard and polycarbonate; and manages sheets weighing up to 20 kg.

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