Speed is the strength of Sprinter Ice, the cutting plotter that guarantees the same performance of Booster Ice, but with reduced sizes, consuptions and prices. Its innovative design combines perfectly with the precision. Enormous flexibility to support production, with the ability to cut materials of various kinds and to perform the finishing of the shape with extreme precision.

Sprinter Ice comes in two distinct versions . The 16.6 is the ideal solution for prototypes , samples and small batch production. The version 25.9 is perfect for large and small lots. No limit to material processing and productivity . Thanks to the extraordinary versatility of the line can meet any production requirement from the smallest to the largest.

EliCUT K1 Sprinter Ice

More sprint to productivity.


Small size for a snug fit in small spaces and Stylistic Studies Laboratories of Modelleria.

High Resolution

Screening powerful and high brightness for perfect visibility even on complex materials and easy unloading activities of the cut pieces.

Concentrated Vacuum Surface

Powerful sectorized suction force all over the countertop for a clean and precise cut to guarantee the high standards of production Elitron.

Solid Structure

The long-lasting system has a solid steel structure, guarantee of security and robustness.


Electric vibrating blade
Pneumatic vibrating Blade
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