EliCUT K1 Plaza is the automatic cutting system, with a vibrating blade technology , specifically designed for furniture, upholstery, apparel and automotive, completely designed and created by Elitron. It is easy to use and open interfacing: thanks to Software Dialogo, in fact, the system is able to communicate and work with any CAD system on the market.

With EliCUT K1 Plaza is possible to configure the working plan in several areas, for alternate processing (cutting , placement, discharge), or have the specific function of multi-placement (placement of any portion of the work plan and start cutting; and subsequent placement of a portion of the boot cut), thus optimizing waiting times.

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EliCUT K1 Plaza

The simplicity in the productivity service.

Working Area

The large working area allows you to stretch out two skins large. The working area is equipped with powerful suction system dissected, for better locking of the skin on the floor. With the help of high-brightness video-projection, the operator has the complete control of the work in progress: it manages nesting in manual , automatic or semi-automatic , and is driven in the collection of cut pieces.

Cutting Head

EliCUT Plaza K1 is equipped with multi-head tool is extremely reliable, easily removable , designed for a quick and easy maintenance . E ‘ equipped with 4 tools : vibrating blade , pen, punch and perforators . Plaza has a structure that allows the operator to move on both sides of the machine and thus exploit the entire work area.


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