Booster continues to evolve, whilst maintaining the perfect combination of efficiency and versatility which distinguish this high-performance cutting system.

A point of reference for all leather cutting operators, its new design combines aesthetics and functionality, perfectly reflecting its unique personality.

Able to cut both natural and synthetic materials, whilst complying with the highest quality standards for which Elitron synonymous.




Booster is designed to guarantee robustness, stability, durability, and constant high quality over time. The working area is made up of a solid, mono-block cellular steel structure, divided into vacuum sectors. The working area is inclined for easy operator access, and to allow perfect visibility of the leather. The base of the machine is a solid welded steel structure.

Direct Video Projection

The Video Projection system optimizes material yield and avoids waste, as the shapes to be cut are projected on to the leather with extreme clarity and brightness – “virtual dies”. The operator can easily position them, selecting the model and the size and rotating them to the desired position.

Concentrated Vacuum Surface

A powerful vacuum system, managed by software, ensures the material is perfectly held in place throughout the entire cutting process. The vacuum is automatically activated by software only where necessary.

Shape Rotary Punch

The 7-tool version second knife unit can be replaced with a special tool, equipped with a shape rotary punch. This shape rotary punch can take the form of hearts, flowers, rhombuses, and other shapes or groups of micro-holes, and these will be cut in the exact position as indicated on the CAD file.


Electric oscillating blade V0
Pen tool V0
Perforator V0
Pneumatic oscillating Blade V0
Punch tool
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