The high Elitron technical skills, combined with an innovative design, give birth to Booster Ice, the cutting plotter easy and comfortable. Booster Ice is characterized by its versatility because it allows you to vary the workload and maximize productivity. A powerful plan suction force, acting on the fields, covering the area of work and ensures that all materials, both light and heavy, adhere perfectly to the surface during any stage of processing.

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The intelligent high resolution and brightness video-projection system, allowing interactive placement of the template and ensures perfect visibility even on complex materials. The system also prevents the operator to project the shadow on the cutting plane and assists in the unloading phase, allowing you to reducing times.

EliCUT K1 Booster Ice

Productivity and Accuracy in Elitron’s bestseller.


Ergonomic Cutting Area: its inclination facilitates the visibility of the skin by the operator.

High Resolution

The video-projection illuminates the working-area and simplifies placement, cutting and unloading of materials.

Concentrated Vacuum Surface

The sectors are activated via Elitron software for maximum holding of the material in the cutting phase.

Solid Structure

The long-lasting system has a solid steel structure, guarantee of security and robustness.


Electric vibrating blade
Pneumatic vibrating Blade
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