ElitronCad 2D Leather Goods is the first CAD-CAM system on the market for ease of use and completeness. Developed in Windows ™ environment is characterized by original and simple, functional solutions, resulting from the direct knowledge of the industry and leather goods from years of CAD-CAM experience. In addition, 2D ElitronCad Leather Goods is an open system, therefore compatible with all other CAD-CAM system on the market.

Technical Support

Elitron customers technical support is always available, made directly by dedicated support staff. The assistance, timely and qualified , is divided into different services, depending on your needs: training and development, installation and system start-up , updates and target assistance, on-site support, telephone and online.

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Modular Structure

ElitronCad 2D Leather Goods is structured in complementary and independent modules. You can start with the modules of greater utility and proceed to an expansion as needed. The parametric capabilities allow you to automatically obtain stylistic and dimensional changes of all the pieces, speaking only on the shirt / base.

Working Module

The modules that make up 2D ElitronCad Leather Goods, are able to acquire through manual digitization, import or scanner; to design in 2D models of leather through parametric functions; obtain fast and accurate piece shirt / base; to place the shapes on the screen to be cut; calculate consumption with regard to material and the production of technical data.

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