Automatic Material Handling & Finishing

Automatic Material Handling & Finishing, in one complete IN-LINE system, without operator intervention from start to finish.

Elitron’s well known Heleva system loads sheets directly into the printer, and as sheets roll out of the printer stacks are automatically transported by means of rollers to Reversa, Elitron’s intelligent, large format, sheet turner. Sheets are then turned so the print side is face down, before being fed into the Kombo TAV cutting system. The reference points are read from the underside in the pre-loading area, using the Seeker System cameras, and the material is then cut and creased with the print side facing downwards.
The Airo Panel unloading system moves each perfectly cut sheet, without any nicks, directly to the unloading bay where they are again stacked in a neatly.
Reversa is the latest in Elitron’s growing range of automation systems for print. It can be used in-line as illustrated or stand alone to turn sheets for printing on both sides of the media.

This complete, automatic, end-to-end systems is truely unique in the market, using Elitron’s patented technology.





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