Elitron Live from Viscom: creativity and integration aiming at an Industry 4.0 workflow

Elitron showcases hi-tech cutting solutions to provide an increased integration among smart machines and flexible productivity

The 28th edition of Viscom Italia has just came to an end and thousands of visitors had the opportunity to take an in-depth look at all the new technologies as well as the hottest creative trends that are going to radically change and have an impact in the visual communication industry in the upcoming future.

Nowadays adoption of new technologies is what everyone looks at for discovering unprecedented applications and creative possibilities with the aim of breaking the barriers with the “common” and “already seen” and providing the bottom-line with new concepts to an industry, like visual communication, characterized by an ongoing chase for originality and innovation. This is why Elitron’s marketing team opted to showcase our solutions for automating and integrating the most critical production stages for those who are in the visual communication business. In a truly original creative hub we decided not to set up on display a stand-alone cutting machine but rather an integrated solution of two technologies: the smart feeder HELEVA and the brand new cutting table KOMBO SDC+3.2 which represents our answer to the increasingly higher adoption of super wide printers.

Throughout the whole tradeshow, the wide format printing, either on single sheets or roll-to-roll, featured a central role for the vast majority of the trend-setting players in the digital printing industry and has been buzzed as THE trend that will re-shape the business in the near future.

With the decision of showcasing the possibility of an integration between Heleva and KOMBO SDC+3.2, we wanted to show that we at Elitron are not only already prepared for what is coming next but also that we are the only one that are capable of providing a value-adding solution for what we believe is the true challenge for the visual communication business: being capable of quickly deal with demand that has never been so dis-homogeneous with effectiveness and profitability.

Studies tell us that visual perception is by the way the greatest trigger that delivers the most sizable mark on our brain. In fact the 90% of the information that we receive and analyze in our brain comes from visual contents and, as a matter of fact, in a world where we are subject to visual stimulations increasingly more often, being capable of distinguishing a message from another is getting harder and harder.

As multiple market research firms show in their reports, this is why the vast majority of the corporations working in the FMCG industry are posing a great deal of importance to the design of their packaging with the clear aim of enhancing their distinctiveness. This almost obsessive quest for design differentiation has therefore led to the fragmentation of the overall demand for both materials and graphics which is at the base of the afore mentioned challenges for the players operating in the visual communication industry.


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